Friday, November 6, 2015

Alphabet Vegetable Soup

My bigs were little here, in 2011 ... oh my how the time goes by! They were so cute! 

This is a time I remember and cherish because they both loved almost all vegetables and would eat just about anything I put in front of them. Those were the days. Fast forward a few years and bear with me as I tell you the veggies they won't eat (because, whaaat?). Here is the list: zucchini, mushrooms, corn, and peas. And to top it off, the younger one here will not eat tomatoes. Just won't even look at them. I completely disagree with all of this nonsense but I have to choose my battles for for my own sanity and let them have a few dislikes but that's it! No more dislikes, I can't handle it! Of course, I'm somewhat joking because I do believe that it is important to listen to our bodies and if I sit around forcing them to eat peas and carrots, they will 1. go against their body's intuition and 2. hate me. Besides, there are more stressful things to deal with in a day ... like getting my three year old (their newest brother) dressed for the day or keeping him from running outside stark naked. Yea, that. Not for the faint at heart. 

I do however miss the tasty veggies sometimes and will sautee up some mushrooms all to myself. Or if I could have a big bowl of all those yummy vegetables combined, I'd eat them slightly steamed with bit of butter and a few squirts of Bragg's Liquid Aminos! Yum!

The bowls of vegetable soup sitting in front of them here were devoured at the time but if I made it today, they would frown and say, "Eww, corn and peas!" I found a similar recipe for Alphabet Vegetable Soup because I lost the old recipe. This one looks great and I will plan to make it again but will put the peas and corn on the side for the rest of the family to enjoy. :) 

I believe I served the dill muffins from a previous post. 

What are your kids' dislikes with food and how do you deal with it? 

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