Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Recipe links because I'm too busy to post :)

Our Sweet Boys

Since my little guy was born 9 months ago and I am a breastfeeding mama again,  haven't been able to eat dairy products. It makes my little one scream in awful pain after a feeding and during which so, he gulps it down very uncomfortably. So, I have been eating an almost 100% vegan diet for about 7-8 months now with the exception of a taste of something here or there. It was kind of hard at first to transition but also a lot of fun because I love diving in to a new diet every now and again. I think a vegan-ish diet is best for me anyway ... before having kids, it's how I ate by choice. A couple months ago, my husband found out he has very high cholesterol and instead of getting on medication he is trying to lower it by diet. His doctor was a little skeptical at first but agreed to let him try. We will find out in a few weeks if his attempt is actually working. He has been trying to avoid saturated fats which is supposed to be the culprit of causing bad cholesterol but he is finding it hard to totally avoid them. Foods like red meat and dairy products are high in saturated fats and he has reduced it by a lot.

That said, I am finding it really hard to post recipes on this blog.... Not because of what I'm eating but because I find it hard to post here with a new baby around. It's not the most user friendly blog, in my opinion. It has to be really easy for me to do so, otherwise I won't do it. I have so many dishes I want to post, especially on our new "diets." A lot of my previous posts call for butter and or cream and cheese ... I am in the works to alternate or provide alternatives to those recipes but in the mean time, here are some delicious recipes that I have made recently that I think you might enjoy! I hope you are still out there and are enjoying food in a healthful way!

Love always!

Vegan Tortilla Soup by Oh She Glows

Peanut Sesame Noodles from Smitten Kitchen

Spicy Tofu with Peas by Williams-Sonoma

Sesame Quinoa with Tofu from My Recipes

That's a lot of tofu which I don't eat a whole lot of ... maybe only once a week.

Creamy Roasted Tomato, Onion and Garlic Coconut Soup  by Oh She Glows

Cashew Vegetable Korma by The PPK

These are all delicious!